Thursday, September 13, 2012

Making Candy Bonbons

I've never tried molding chocolates because I assumed that it would be difficult - now that I've done it, and have seen the results, I can't believe I was such a chicken!!

FYI - I started with a very simple mold for my first time, and plan to try something more complicated in the future.  For these bonbons, I used:

Plastic bonbon mold
Candy melts - white and pink
Squeeze bottles

There are many different methods for melting candy melts, but I chose to microwave them.  Place them in a bowl and microwave for one minute at 50% power.  Remove and stir a little, but don't be dismayed if very little melting has happened.  Microwave in 30 second intervals (at 50%), stirring after each time, until the melts are smooth and glossy.  See below for before and after:


At this point, I transferred the melted candy to squeeze bottles for ease of pouring.  Do not try to microwave the candy in the bottle, because the bottom will melt, which I found out the hard way.  Oops!


Set the clean, dry candy molds on a flat surface, and begin to squeeze the candy into the shape.  When I did this, the candy tended to stay in the ribbon shape from the bottle, but I solved it by dunking a toothpick or small knife in the candy a few times to liquidize it.  (Is that a word?)


Fill to the very top of each opening for consistently sized bonbons, and try for a smooth surface at the top (I used a small spatula).  When you're finished filling the molds, pick up the sheet and rap it or drop it on the counter several times - this helps bring air bubbles to the top of the candy.  If you see air bubbles that haven't popped, just jab them with a toothpick!


Now, simply place the mold in the freezer, making sure it's as close to level as you can get it.  Wait five minutes, remove from the freezer and invert onto a clean surface - beautiful bonbons!  If they stick to the mold, just hold it upside down and pinch the bonbon shape in the plastic, and they should pop out.


The molds that I have come with a spiral shape in what will be the top of the candy...I tried many times, unsuccessfully, to pipe a different color in the bottom of the mold to have a lovely spiral on top.  I asked around, and nobody has had much luck with that.  So if you want, you can pipe a spiral on top after the molding is done.

If you want to get tricky, you can do two-layer bonbons with different colors, but make sure the first layer is completely hardened before adding the second color.  You can also do different colors for the outside and inside of the bonbon, but I haven't tried that yet.

I had some extra candy melted, so I made some tulip lollipops using the same method:

A note on cleaning the squeeze bottles - put them in the freezer for ten minutes, then roll them under your palm to crush the candy into smaller pieces.  Then just shake out!  I save these little bits for some other project.  [I'm not sure if you can re-melt them, but you could chop them into fine pieces and sprinkle them on top of cupcakes.]


Have fun, and enjoy your delicious bonbons.  Next up - playing with fondant!
- Sugar Baby


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