Friday, September 14, 2012

Tools and Supplies

There are so many brands of tools and supplies, it's hard to know what to get.  Here, I'm going to show what has worked best for me.  You'll see that I rely heavily on the Wilton brand, and that's mostly because they're easily accessible at baking and craft stores.  I've linked most of the items to an online store for easy buying.

A peek into my (messy) baking cabinet:

Edible Supplies

Candy melts
Gum paste
Rolled fondant
Icing colors (set of 12)
Dab 'n Hold Edible Adhesive
Pearl or luster dust (sorry - no link)


Joseph Joseph rolling pin
Ateco plastic rolling pin
Wilton gum paste flower set
Edible pens
PME veined flower cutters
PME flower plungers
Decorating tips (set of 28)
Disposable decorating bags
Fondant/gum paste tools (set of 10)
Truffles candy mold
Tulip lollipop mold
Squeeze bottles


Meri Meri cupcake boxes
Wilton cupcake boxes

I'd love to hear what brands work for you!  Next up - fondant flowers.
- Sugar Baby

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