Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shortcut Tuesday - Slice and Bake Cookies (a day late)

Hi everyone,

Sorry I'm late for Shortcut Tuesday!  This shortcut is for making slice and bake cookies, so it's a time shortcut, in a way.

When I make up a batch of cookie dough, I don't always want to bake it all.  With this method, you can just slice off a few and bake them up!

All you have to do is place your dough on a sheet of cling wrap, like so:

Smooth is out a bit, and roll the cling wrap around it, then roll the dough back and forth to make it a log:

I did mine in two logs so they would fit into my refrigerator easily.

Just refrigerate the dough for three hours, and when you want to bake some, slice the dough and bake!  It might be helpful to write the oven temp and time on the cling wrap with a sharpie.

These should be good for about a week, but I doubt they'll last that long in your fridge..there's nothing like popping a few in the oven when you come in from a blustery cold day!

- Sugar Baby

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