Monday, July 8, 2013

Doctor Who TARDIS Cake!

I had lunch with my friend Cortnie yesterday - she's a great friend, and we share a love of books and baking.  (She's a co-founder and senior editor at BiblioFiend, an amazing resource for book lovers.)  We were talking about making cakes from our favorite books and movies, and how cool a Golden Snitch or Quidditch cake would be, and she said, "What about a TARDIS cake?"  We sort of grinned at each other and said, "Let's do it right now!"

For those of you unfamiliar with Doctor Who, a TARDIS is a machine that can transport the Doctor to any place or any time in the world.  On the outside, it looks like a London police box, and that's what we decided to make!

We stood in my kitchen and planned out the best way to make it - although it was tempting to make it vertical, we felt that it would be much simpler to make it flat.  So we baked a 9 x 13 vanilla cake, and while it was cooling, started to color the fondant!

The TARDIS is a beautiful deep blue, and it took quite some time to get the shade we wanted.  We also did black and white fondant for the details For tips on coloring and rolling out fondant, check out this post.

We carved the top of the cake to resemble the tiered top of the police box, and trimmed the sides:
Then we covered it with a thin layer of frosting (sorry - no photo).  We rolled out the gorgeous blue fondant and covered the cake:
And trimmed the excess:
(the white stuff is just powdered sugar so it wouldn't stick to the rolling surface)
Next, we rolled out the black fondant and cut out a piece for the top:
We used black and white gel frosting to represent the light at the top of the TARDIS, and wrote "Police Box" at the top.  There are more words on the real TARDIS, but we were simplifying.  :-)  We rolled out the white fondant and placed it on the blue background, and outlined them in black to represent the windows and sign:
We finished outlining the door and panels (the panels are a little wonky - my fault completely).
Then, to mimic the grain in the wood, we mixed some Wilton Color Mist with water, and "painted" it on with a pastry brush
We're SO proud of it!  It's our first fondant covered cake, and our first cake made to look like something.  It's not perfect, but it makes us ridiculously happy!
Hope you enjoy it,
- Sugar Baby and Cortnie 

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