Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fondant Birds - Cupcake Toppers

Two kinds of cupcake toppers - picks and circles:


These birds are as cute as can be, and are pretty easy to make.  I used two different sized leaf cutters(you can buy here) to make the body of the bird and the wing:

To make these fun toppers, just color and roll out your fondant.  If you need more information on doing this, check out this post.  I had white, black and blue fondant left over from the Doctor Who TARDIS cake, so I used those colors.

Once you roll out the fondant, use the large leaf cutter to cut out the body of the bird from the black fondant...be careful not to press down the plunger which imprints the veins of the leaf.  Do the same with the small size in the blue fondant:

As you can see, I tried different color patterns, but ultimately settled on the black body.  Use a tiny bit of water to attach the wings.  If you want to do cupcake picks, just insert a toothpick into the body of the bird.  (You can add a little ball of fondant to the back of the bird to help secure the toothpick.)

Use bits of white fondant to add details.  You can do two-piece beaks or one-piece, it's up to you - I just dabbed the white pieces onto a damp paper towel before placing:

For the circles, just roll out the white fondant and cut out scalloped circles, making sure that they are the same size or slightly smaller than the top of the cupcake.  Use a tiny bit of water where the bird will go, and place the bird in the center.

I used my edible marker to add the eyeball and some little bird legs, but if you don't have edible markers, you can make them out of the black fondant.  

Since the white beak was lost on the white background, I just used an edible yellow marker to give it some contrast.  If you want, you can use yellow or orange fondant for the beak.

You can make little indents around the circle with a toothpick to jazz them up a little.  I made vanilla/vanilla and red velvet/vanilla cupcakes, and placed the circles and cupcake picks on them:


Aren't they fun?  These would be great for a birthday party, or a baby shower, done in pastel colors.  Another fun idea would be to add yellow and black bees for a "Birds and the Bees" baby shower - so cute!

Hope you enjoy these little cupcake toppers,
- Sugar Baby 


  1. ahhh these little guys are so cute, anne! love it - bird cupcake toppers, "two ways!" xo

    1. Thanks so much, Lyndsay! I had a lot of fun making them!!!!