Saturday, February 1, 2014

Valentine's Day Brownie Towers

I'll be posting some Valentine's cupcakes with fondant decorations in the next week, but I wanted to show you a quick and easy dessert first.

These are stacked brownies with strawberries and buttercream frosting…and they're delicious!


Vanilla frosting
Strawberries, chopped

You can use any kind of cake or brownies for the layers - I made chocolate fudge brownies from this recipe.  You could also use store or bakery bought brownies and have square layers.


Use a round cutter or a glass to cut out rounds from the brownies - I used two different sizes so the tower would be more stable.

Place the larger brownie circle on a plate, and cover with the chopped strawberries.  I like to have them hang over the brownie so they peek out the sides.

Cover the strawberries with vanilla frosting.  You can use store bought frosting or from scratch, like this.  (I went a little crazy with the frosting - you can definitely use less. )

Add the smaller brownie circle on top of the frosting.

Add another layer of frosting, and top with a whole strawberry!

I think you'll love this really sweet, simple dessert for Valentine's Day - and how easy they are!

- Sugar Baby

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