Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day - Fondant Toppers for Cupcakes or Cookies

I had so much fun with these toppers…I just rolled out pink, white, and pink/white smushed together fondant and played around with some heart cutters.  [Here's a link to my fondant post if you want to learn how to color and roll out fondant.]

Here's is the swirly pink and white one looked like:

My original plan was to put them on some cupcakes, but I saw a recipe for lemon shortbread cookies, and decided to make and top them instead!

I cut out the fondant into circles that were slightly smaller than the cookies (see below) and I liked the scalloped edge better, so I went with that look.

For the envelopes, I just cut a rectangle of white fondant, and scored the lines of the flap with a butter knife.  A red heart confetti tops it off!

The small heart is done with a ruffled heart cutter and topped with a red heart confetti as well.

The larger heart is made with a heart cutter that has an "love" impression stamper with it, but you could copy this look by drawing the word with a toothpick or other small tool.  I emphasized the word "love" and the heart around it by coloring it in with an edible marker.

Just attach the fondant designs to the fondant circles with frosting, and then to the cookies with more frosting.

Hope you liked these sweet Valentine's Day heart toppers, and I encourage you to play around with fondant and whatever tools you have on hand to make something unique!

[I bought this cute mini cake stand at the Stratford Hall Plantation gift shop in Stratford, Virginia - my friends and I visited the house last weekend and had a wonderful tour!]

- Sugar Baby

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