Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine's Day - Red Velvet Cake Balls

These cake balls arose out of a disaster…I made a red velvet sheet cake and had dutifully greased and floured the pan, but when it came time to flip it and take the cake out, disaster struck!  Half of the cake came out and half stayed in.  I was so mad, but I saw it as an opportunity to make cake balls out of the ruined cake.

I don't have a lot of process shot for these, but please check out Bakerella's how-to post for these delicious treats.  She's the queen of cake balls, cake pops, cupcake pops, etc. and she's just wonderful.


1 13x9 red velvet cake (feel free to use a mix)
1 can vanilla or cream cheese frosting, your choice
1 package candy melts or chocolate bark, in pink
Candy hearts or sprinkles for the top


Over a large bowl, crumble the red velvet cake between your fingers.

Add the can of frosting, and mix it together with the cake crumbs.

Roll the mixture into small balls and place on a cookie sheet.

Refrigerate the cake balls for 2 to 3 hours.

Melt the candy melts or chocolate bark in your microwave, using the directions on the bag.

Two notes - (1) I use a tall, thin mug for the melts/bark to make it easier to coat the cake balls, and (2) the candy melts hold their shape even when they're melted, so make sure to stir them each time you put them in the microwave.

Put a cake ball on a spoon and dunk it and roll it around in the melts/bark.

(Ignore the skewer in the photo - I tried it, but a spoon work better)

Hold the cake ball in the spoon over the container and tap the spoon 10 to 12 times or until the excess melts/bark runs off.  Don't worry about it looking perfect.

Place the covered cake ball on some wax paper, and add sprinkles or a red heart on the top.

Continue dunking the cake balls - if the coating in the mug starts to get thick, just pop it in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds.

Allow them to cool until the coating is firm.

If there is a pool of hardened coating on the wax paper around the ball, just drag a toothpick in a circle around the cake ball and lift the cake ball up.

I think they're really sweet, and they make great gift to your family and/or friends.  Don't be intimidated by working with candy melts or chocolate bark - it's really just microwaving it until it melts.

Next post will be Valentine's Day fondant cupcake toppers!
- Sugar Baby


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