Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fondant Cupcake Toppers - Flowers

I made cupcakes for a friend's baby shower - she's having a little girl, so I thought pink and green would be really cute!

Here are close-ups of the three different designs:

I started with a white base, made by using a scalloped circle cutter on rolled white fondant

For the flat flowers, I used flower cutters to cut the shapes out of marbled fondant (made by kneading pink and white fondant together, then rolling it out).  Then I put a little white dragee in the middle.  The three-dimensional flower is made by cutting a long strip of fondant, and just rolling it up!

The leaves are green fondant, and I used a leaf cutter for the shape, then made lines for where the veins would be, in order to give them more detail.

I attached the flowers and leaves to the white fondant circles with a tiny bit of water, and then popped them on top of some luscious vanilla/vanilla cupcakes!

Hope you liked these fondant toppers, and I want to encourage you to experiment with fondant, if you haven't yet - I learned on my own, just by playing around with it.  If you want some tips and tricks on working with fondant, check out this post that I wrote back when I first started this blog!

- Sugar Baby

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