Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Triple Color Cake

I absolutely love the surprise waiting inside this cake - from the outside, it looks like a regular vanilla cake, and then you cut into it and see the gorgeous colors!!!


Vanilla or white cake batter, either from scratch or from a mix (I use this recipe)
Food coloring
Vanilla frosting, either from scratch or store-bought (I use this recipe).  [You might want to double your recipe for the frosting, because this is a three-layer cake.]


Spray your cake pans with non-stick spray, then put a parchment circle in the bottom of the pan, then spray again.  This will ensure that your cakes comes out easily and in one piece!

Divide your batter into three bowls, making the division as even as possible.

Color each bowl with a different color.  You can have fun here, and choose any colors you like - red/white/blue, three shades of pink, or whatever floats your boat.  Just add a few drops of food color and stir it in, and repeat the process until you get the color you want.  (The color will fade slightly in the oven.)

If you are using a yellow cake batter and you want a yellow layer, you still have to add some yellow food color to make it really vibrant.

Pour the batter into cake pans…isn't that gorgeous?

Bake for the time listed on your recipe/cake mix box.

Frosting the baked layers is simple - put a dab of icing on the cake board or plate/platter that you're using.

Then set your first layer down on that frosting to "glue" it in place.  You can shave off any bumps that may have formed on the cake with a bread knife if you want to.

Then spread a generous layer of frosting on top of the cake.

Continue with the next two layers, then frost the entire outside.  I like a really rustic look on my cakes, because I want them to look homemade, but if you want to do something fancier, check out the tutorial on Lyndsay's fun blog Coco Cake called How to Frost a Cake.

I added sprinkles for a fun look, and to hint at what's inside.

People really loved the colorful layers, and it's a great way to jazz up a vanilla cake!

- Sugar Baby


  1. this is just the cutest cake ive seen in a while! love the coloured layers.. looks delicious!

  2. Great tutorial! Especially since making a rainbow cake is on my bucket list !