Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tuesday Shortcut - Cinnamon Roll Hearts and Flowers

I should really change the name of Tuesday Shortcuts to Wednesday Shortcuts, because I am always a day late!

This week's shortcut is for Cinnamon Roll Hearts and Flowers.  These cuties are made from refrigerated cinnamon buns, and are super easy.

Preheat the oven to the temperature indicated on the package.

Just take the rolls out of the tube, place on a cutting board, and make the following cuts:

Don't worry, those cut pieces won't be wasted!

Shape the rolls with your fingers to round off any sharp corners, and make them look like hearts.  [I was in a hurry, so my hearts are a little too angular.] 

Spray a little bit of nonstick spray on your cookie sheet, and place the heart on it.  Continue until all eight hearts are on the sheet.

Pop them in the oven and cook for the time listed on the package.

While those are baking, use the sliced off pieces to make flower shapes with five petals each.  I rolled up the remaining dough from the tops of the hearts, and put a bit of it in the middle of each flower shape (you will have some dough left unused).

Spray some nonstick spray on a cookie sheet, as above, and place the flower on top.  Continue for the two other flowers, and bake for a little more than half the time you used for the hearts.

I only used the enclosed glaze on the hearts, but it's your choice!

Aren't they cute?  I wasn't going for perfect (obviously - ha!) but I think they're really sweet and would be great for a kid's breakfast.  You could even make a cinnamon roll man - with a head, body and arms and legs made out of dough.

- Sugar Baby

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