Friday, June 6, 2014

Southern France

I just got back from a trip to Southern France, and thought I would share some food photos with you.  Our group visited Les Halles de Lyon ~ Paul Bocuse, a lovely covered food market named after the famous Lyonnaise chef Paul Bocuse.  We wanted to buy everything in sight, but settled on a baguette, a wheel of brie, some ham, and macarons!

Here are the photos from the market.  (I'm posting via the blogger app, so the layout might look a little odd.)


Local sausage:

Bleu cheese:


And the sweets!

Little pastries:

Candied fruit:

Little pies:

Petit fours and candy:

The special dessert of Lyon, pie made from candied pralines:



And my favorite, macarons (not macaroons):

And the list of flavors:

We also went to the Valrhona "City of Chocolate" in the town of Tain L'Hermitage, and I will share those photos in my next post.

Au revoir!
- Sugar Baby

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